About Me

Specialising in nervous students, I use a patient, calm, but firm approach to help you learn safely and in your own time.
  • I am a fully qualified Transport Malta approved A.D.I (Approved Driving Instructor)
  • I was born on the 16th August 1972 in England. 
  • British/Maltese citizen
  • Non smoker
  • Driving is my passion whether it be a car or my motorcycle

I started my career as an instructor in 2013, it was always a childhood dream of mine to teach people how to drive.

I started my career being a part of a franchise. After a few years of gaining experience and respect from the local examiners, I felt it was time to give birth to ELITE DRIVING ACADEMY. My goal was to give the best learning experience with no hassles, no diaries and no endless conversations on the phone, so that I give quality lessons to each student.

I am a very demanding instructor who believes driving is a discipline, and I shall be getting the very best out of you. After all, we have rules and regulations to follow on the road. I always strive to find the best way to get the message over to students, through pictures, videos and other materials in a fun and pleasant way.

One of the biggest hassles I found was booking students, I came to realise that in this day and age students want everything at a touch of a button on their phones, that's when i came up with the idea of the on line booking form, I came to realise that the old diary system wasn't working because i was trying to make the students fit my requirements when really students want me to fit their life and requirements.


I first starting to learn how to drive at the age of 6 in my dads automatic car, I knew then i had a passion for driving, in car parks and fields with my neighbour who was a farmer. Put me in or on something with wheels and ill drive it, from trucks, busses, fork lifts, motorcycles and quad bikes.

  • I have held a full clean driving licence from the age of 17.
  • I have my class A which means i can ride motorcycles of any engine size.
  • I hold my taxi licence.

Most of my life I have had driving jobs here are a few of the people who i have worked for here in Malta:

  • e-cabs
  • Supreme travel 
  • DHL 
  • Derh

Part of the experience with these jobs is about dealing with people and the importance of punctuality

Which means its Rare that i'm going to be late for my students.

Teaching you how to drive.

I will be teaching you how to drive,building your confidence, awareness, safety and responsibility in a way that you are doing a jigsaw puzzle, first we start of with the edges, without the edges complete its hard to make the rest of the picture fit together. 

I will be paying attention to detail, if your at home watching a film you want to be sitting comfortable, if your not comfortable then your not going to enjoy it, if your not comfortable in the driving seat you wont enjoy or drive well, It's the small things that matter.  I will also be explaining to you that less is more and more is less with regards control of the pedals. I shall be explaining the dangers in drink driving, If you come to a lesson with a hangover then be prepared for me to tell you you're not driving. 

Students always have the idea that parking is the hardest part of the test, this is actually wrong I shall explain why, when you start. 

So what are you waiting for?

Safe and skilled drivers tend to pass their driving tests with ease and confidence.

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